Just a little aside ….

I received an email today from a person who has a very popular food blog, and one that I have read for a long while.  I was taken aback at the tone of the email, and the contents. 

Basically, I was told that the last thing the Internet needed was another food blog, that because I am not a chef, or trained, I shouldn’t participate in what was a cooking revolution, and that my recipes were not up to par because they are not written in the classic and traditional way.

Whatever that means.

My idea for this blog is just to write about recipes I know, recipes I make up, and recipes that interest me or others.  I do not purport to be a chef or a classically trained cook of any type, and there is no place on this blog that even hints that I am. 

I just like to write about what interests me – and I’ve always been interested in recipes, and cooking.  I hope the recipes I share here do a bit of educating, make you think about the history of food in the world, as well as in your own life, and that you might try the recipe I’ve posted.

There are hundreds of food blogs on the Internet..and thousands of web sites dedicated to recipes.  This blog isn’t supposed to be anything other than my own take on food.  For those who think “another food blog” isn’t necessary, I say, hey.. don’t read it.  For those who think that a person who isn’t a chef, isn’t a trained cook, and doesn’t write a recipe in the classic and traditional way shouldn’t share recipes.. I say.. well, don’t read my blog.

I write to tell a story – I tell a bit about myself, my history and yes, I do not write a recipe in the “classic and traditional way”.  I write it for me, and for my friends who love my recipes, and my cooking, and for those who stumble upon this blog, looking for something I’ve written about.  Having a recipe written “up to par” just doesn’t make sense to me.  I am not Julia Child.  I am a product of my time, and therefore, my cooking and recipe writing abilities come from the ‘Alton Brown’ and “Cooks Illustrated” attitude — “have fun and play with your food”.

I hope the author of the email continues to read my blog — if nothing more than to see that a recipe can be fun, the story behind it can be fun, and food isn’t meant to be taken so seriously.  And if not.. well, that’s fine too.  The Internet is a big place – I’m sure you can find classically written recipes, by chefs, classically trained to your hearts content. 

I also hope everyone else continues to read this blog –  enjoy it, learn from it, and, on occasion, laugh.  Food and recipes are something to have fun with – and so is this blog – an extension of my cooking and my kitchen behavior.  I like to have fun, be silly and tell it like it is. 

I’m now off to play with my food — There are 2 cans of whipped cream in my kitchen.. and I have a feeling my son might just try and attack me with one of them.  I’ve got to be prepared.. defending myself with a whipped cream can in one hand..and a chocolate cookie in the other… what better way to enjoy the whipped cream bound to be sprayed on me than with a chocolate cookie?!.



  1. Screw that asshole, he is just afraid of competition. You don’t have to be a professional cook to cook well or have a recipe/food blog. Your recipes are just perfect – and the blog seems to be getting more and more popular daily. Keep up the good work!

  2. There are recipes on this blog??!! Damn, I never noticed…. I’m just here for the porn.

    I was promised pictures of Lawdymama cooking in nothing but a small, frilly apron and a smile….

    I’m still waiting…….


    Oh and P.S. even though I’m really here for sex, I do have to eat every once in awhile, and LM’s recipes are wonderful. That emailer’s comments were a joke. They remind me of all the musician or artists’ that were told they are no talent hacks, who went on to become wildly famous.

    Keep it up lady. Your recipes are wonderful, your stories entertaining and you look good in frilly aprons….


  3. I started a foodblog in April of this year and felt the proverbial “cold shoulder” from many of the popular food bloggers—the older ones especially. They seem to resent anyone new coming into their territory. The best thing is to ignore them and keep on blogging, focusing on your own work. I enjoy your site! chefjp

  4. Thanks guys — I appreciate the comments, and yes, I will keep blogging — I enjoy it a lot. I’m not out to please anyone but myself with this blog, and I’ll continue to write the same way.

    Nice to know other bloggers have felt the same way, chefip. My ‘Ignore’ is on ;) – Thanks for the advice, and I hope you continue your own site – I enjoy it a lot as well.

    Rip.. no pics for you, Mr!!! Be careful or I’ll have to tell your wife about where you got the baked apple recipe from ..

    Sander.. as always, thank you for your kindness, and your support of me.


  5. *claps* here, here…I am not a chef, nor a writer of any kind, but I DO love to cook and I love to eat!! So I search for the recipes that are just like yours… normal and homecooking, and something ANYONE can throw together and alter and enjoy.
    Mu hubby is still waiting for the frilly apron thing, which he will not get in MY kitchen, so it’s up to you LM …lol. (backs away after passing the buck)

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