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Glog aka Glogi

I now live in northern Europe and have for quite a few years. One of the things that is an absolute favorite around Christmas is a hot glog. I had it at the Christmas Market the first time and afterwards, … Continue reading

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KFC Spice Mix and KFC Coleslaw recipe

KFC Spice Mix 28g (1oz) White Pepper 28g (1oz) Black Pepper 14g (.5oz) Garlic Salt, (see recipe below) 7g (.25oz) Sage 7g (.25oz) Coriander 7g (.25oz) Ginger 7g (.25oz) Cayenne 3.5g (.125oz) Clove 3.5g (.125oz) Allspice 3.5g (.125oz) Savory* 1.8g … Continue reading

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