Month: March 2008


Potato Salad

I’ve said this often on my blog, and to people when discussing recipes: There are many variations to any recipe. I really believe that recipes, in all their variations, are as personal as fingerprints. And, in essence, a recipe really *is* a fingerprint to an individual. The same ingredients of a recipe can be arranged […]


Chicken Piccata

  The very first time I had Chicken Piccata, I was just amazed at how delicious it was.  The lemon was not over-powering, or over-acidic, and the butter added to the depth of flavor.  I have since had many versions of this recipe — some so acidic they were downright unpalatable, some with so much […]


Ingredient Replacement

Replacing ingredients in recipes is sometimes necessary.  Here is a small list of ingredients, and their respective replacements.     Related Page: Measurement Conversion  To replace a cup of whole milk (4%): 5/8ths Skim milk + 3/8ths cup of Half and Half 2/3 cup 1% milk + 1/3 cup Half and Half 3/4 cup 2% […]