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Orange Juice & Vanilla Ice Cream Cocktail

Yummy!!!! Quick and easy to make, this ice cream cocktail can be “spiffed up” to be super fancy, or something just to surprise the kids on a spring or summer day. Orange Juice & Vanilla Ice Cream Cocktail, for the … Continue reading

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TIP: Clarified Butter (Ghee)

I like to use butter when I sauté or fry in some recipes.  Nothing tastes better than mushrooms sautéed in butter, and when making Chicken Picatta, the chicken must be cooked in butter – thats part of the wonderful flavor.  But unless you are … Continue reading

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Maple Walnut Blondies

Maple.  To me, that brings to mind the warmth of the kitchen on a Sunday morning, with pancakes and maple syrup.  And the memory of my mother’s oatmeal cookies. She used to make oatmeal, maple flavored cookies with butterscotch chips, … Continue reading

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Spring has sprung – Brussels Sprouts, with Apple Cider Vinegar

I really do love Brussels Sprouts.  A member of the cabbage family, these have been cultivated over the years to be dense, leafy “miniature green cabbages”.  They have a sweet, but earthy taste that is not easily describable.  I will … Continue reading

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