Month: November 2007


Italian Sausage and Orzo Soup

I was in the mood for something /other/ than turkey tonight.  I’ve cooked a couple of turkeys over the past few weeks, and well, I’m just a bit tired of it ;) This recipe serves 6 easily, so I halved it for tonight’s dinner.  I also didn’t have any fresh parsley nor basil, so I […]


Cheesecake Brownies – Quick and Easy

Okay.. first off.. I don’t normally make brownies from scratch.  Yes, that’s lazy.  But, really, I am not a brownie aficionado and I can get by on a $2.00 package of mix. However..there are a few things that I do like, and one is ‘cheesecake brownies’.  There are overly complicated ways to make this from […]


Baked Applesauce

I was in the mood tonight for something sweet, and having a bunch of apples left, I decided to make applesauce. There must be at least a dozen different recipes in my collection of recipe cards for applesauce.  How to can it, how to make and freeze it, applesauce with raisins and nuts, baked applesauce […]