My Birthday…

I had a birthday just a few days ago (I’m 29, again, tyvm :P ), and had a lovely day.

My day started out with my son singing ‘Happy Birthday’ to me over the phone — It was the sweetest sound to my ears. I received flowers and a cake (thank you, Ang!!), lots of messages, emails, Happy Birthday in ASCII in more ways than I knew could exist, text messages, and, quite funnily, a singing video message from Mark & Al, who are still in Africa, and a gift subscription to Cooks Illustrated (thank you, you know who!!). It was the first birthday I can remember where I just enjoyed myself. Thank you to everyone who made my day such a nice one.

My son gave me something I had really been missing. When we moved to this apartment last May, my stick blender was dropped down 15 concrete stairs, and landed in a bunch of pieces. I kept saying since then I’d pick up another one and hadn’t gotten around to it. image

He chose such a nice one to give me. It’s a Cuisinart SmartStick Hand Blender. Moreover, it comes with attachments!!!!! (wooties! ….. The stick blender, a whisk and a mini-food processor/chopper, and a .5 Liter mixing cup. The motor is 200 watts; the body and the stick blender stainless steel, and it’s a one handed on/off — you’ve got to hold the button to keep it on — once you let go, the unit turns off.

I unwrapped the box, and within 10 minutes, we had our coats and shoes on, and were on our way to the market for yogurt and bananas. We were supposed to make a birthday cake, but skipped it totally — the banana smoothies (yogurt, milk and bananas), were ever so much better.

I’ve only had this a few days, and already see how much fun this will be to have. We’ve made smoothies, ice cream milk shakes, (ice cream cocktails), and this evening, I made a peach syrup for breakfast tomorrow.

Tbh, I don’t know how often I’ll use the whisk attachment, but I’m absolutely positive that the chopper as well as the stick blender will be in constant use. I’m looking forward to making soups, purees and dressings, and a heck of a lot more yogurt/fruit smoothies.

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