Coconut White Russian

kahluapinacoladaabsolute milk

Coconut White Russian

1/4 part Kahlua
1/4 part PiƱa Colada
1/4 part Vodka
1/4 Part Milk

Put the alcohol over ice, in a shaker if you have it, and then pour into a glass, add milk to fill the glass.

Be careful — it’s surprisingly strong — if you drink too much of it, you’ll be singing ‘Long Tall Glasses” in no time ;)

[youtube hbit42aWJ5k]

On the other hand, it might be helpful with getting laid – it is sweet and doesn’t taste like there is much alcohol in it – always advantageous for my boyfriend ;)

I did a two-step, quick-step and a bossa nova
A little Victor Silvester, and a Rudy Valentino
You should a seen me movin, right across the floor
Hand me down my tuxedo, next week I’m comin’ back for more
I can dance — oh yes! I can dance
Look at me dancin’ the floor movin’
I feel good — I can dance
I can dance, I can dance, I can dance.

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  1. jj says:

    now this sounds like it could pack a little punch! Sounds good though, thanks!

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