Cityscape of San Francisco.. out of cookware

Bored?  Have nothing to do?  Grab your cookware and create a cityscape…

(Note: I don’t know whose image this is, so I don’t have attribution for it).


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6 Responses to Cityscape of San Francisco.. out of cookware

  1. Dan says:

    that’s awesome.

    truly awesome.

    hahahaha… :)


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  3. Dylan says:

    Searching for “cityscapes” on Google Images I saw this, and thought it looked alien, like maybe some model Soviet concept-city. I was blown away when saw what it really was.

    Amazing job.

  4. Jami Martins says:

    I am a student at a high school. Would you give me the permission to use your image in a graphic design competition?

  5. OrGREENiC says:

    This looks to be a creative way to envision an urban setting. What brands of cookware did you use to build this San Francisco Mock-up?

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