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TIP: Quick Corn on the Cob, for One

In this household, I cook just for myself quite a lot, and though I love corn on the cob, I don’t usually cook it since it either requires a big pot of boiling water, or a grill. Recently (okay, the other day), I picked up some corn at the market and as I was doing […]


Spring has sprung – Brussels Sprouts, with Apple Cider Vinegar

I really do love Brussels Sprouts.  A member of the cabbage family, these have been cultivated over the years to be dense, leafy “miniature green cabbages”.  They have a sweet, but earthy taste that is not easily describable.  I will admit, though, that as a child, I hated these green balls of nastiness.  As an […]


Leftover Mashed Potato Cheese Pancakes

What do you do with leftover mashed potatoes?  I mean, really – who does much with them??  There are recipes out there, of course, but if you are like me, you aren’t going to a darn thing with leftover potatoes, except eat them, and then 3 weeks later, after you’ve forgotten they are in the […]