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Triple Dipped Jalapeno Poppers

We got in the mood for junk today, and made these really amazing jalapeno poppers. We found the original recipe (for 32!) and adjusted as neede Continue reading

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I really need to learn how to make potato salad for 6 people, instead of 20…ha. Anyone need some really yummy potato salad??  

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Homemade Kettle Corn

Summer brings memories of circus, fairs, carnivals, street festivals, fleas, farmers markets and the foods that go along with them. I’m talking Corn Dogs, Fried Dough (Fry Bread), and the sweet & salty Kettle Corn that you thought you could … Continue reading

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Wowsa 251,306 visits to this blog. Not bad at all. I should write more ;)  

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What the heck?!?

Food…What is it about food?  I’m either into it, and creating recipes like mad, or it’s Ritz Crackers and cheese or Shredded Wheat for dinner.   And I’m stuck in that rut of cereal for dinner, or the easiest meal … Continue reading

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The Best Chicken, Onion, Mushroom and Bacony Goodness Sandwich

A good friend of mine and I are long time users of reddit. We were discussing /r/secretsanta the other day, and talking about reddit’s favorite foodage: Bacon, which has totally inspired this recipe (as well as a secret santa gift … Continue reading

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Cooking Oils..

Quick Post… The New York Times had an article on their testing of cooking oils that I thought was really interesting.  It discusses the taste changes in various oils, from the inexpensive supermarket brand to the expensive olive oils. New … Continue reading

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