Hot milk with honey


Everybody has bad memories about their childhood, when they were forced to drink hot milk with honey and onions… ewwwwwww!!

But do try it without onions – just milk and honey. It is incredibly good – and also, the one and only effective cure for sore throat.

Under no circumstances, do not try it with lukewarm milk. That tastes just disgusting. Use hot, almost boiling milk – and drink it with a straw. Yummy healthy goodiness!

Do not add honey to the milk before heating, especially if you use microwave oven to heat the milk. Microwave radiation breaks down enzymes in the honey and diminishes its healing effect.

Usually, one cup (~0.24 liters) of milk goes perfectly together with one tablespoonful of honey. Stir, get a straw, go sit on your sofa – and feel how your sore throat, cough and runny nose are going away. And for a change, medicine doesn’t taste bad, instead it tastes incredibly yummy!

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3 Responses to Hot milk with honey

  1. Steph B. says:

    Spanish people have known this for years! Add an egg yolk and cinnamon and it’s the cure for the flu! Grew up with this and gets rid of colds in one-two days, now get back to work!

  2. Lindsay says:

    I have a really sore throat. I was pretty desperate, so I tried this. I didn’t have a straw to sip, but I can still taste the honey. While the pain in my throat hasn’t gone away, my throat doesn’t feel dry every time I swallow.

    Thanks. =)

  3. Lis says:

    I just tried this (honey and milk) because I am experiencing a bad sore throat, I still feel the pain, but it did feel very soothing going down. I hope the healing effects are in the works as I am writting this. :)

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