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Wiener piglets – Little hotdogs

Another guest post by Sander. (btw, Sander’s opinion on ketchup is not mine!!!) Wieners – or hot dogs, as they are known in the United States – are nice-tasting fully cooked sausages. You can do about ten thousand foods with them – use as a meat in salads, boil, fry with eggs, make sandwiches… sky is […]


Boiled fava beans.. the best beer snack

[ This post is written by Sander, expressing his profound love of beans and beer ;) ] There are many  great snacks to go with beer – potato chips, cheese, various nuts, smoked ribs, pork rinds, pepper sausages and many, many more. But in my opinion, none of them comes even close to the freshly boiled fava […]


Hot milk with honey

Everybody has bad memories about their childhood, when they were forced to drink hot milk with honey and onions… ewwwwwww!! But do try it without onions – just milk and honey. It is incredibly good – and also, the one and only effective cure for sore throat. Under no circumstances, do not try it with […]