Frugal Recipes – Great Depression Cooking

I recently saw a link, via, which pointed to a YouTube video for “Indulge in Frugality:  Great Depression cooking with Clara“”.

Clara is a 94 year old woman, who shows how to create some frugal recipes, dating back to the Great Depression.   Her clips show her cooking, and of course how to create the recipe, but are also a great way to hear some of the history of that time.  A bag of potatoes for 1.00; growing a vegetable garden; life lessons ….. having to stop going to school because there wasn’t anything to wear; and of course, how to cook with very little.

This show has two seasons, with about ten 5-7 minute clips.  Take some time and watch.. you might be surprised at how much you learn, even outside of the recipe itself.  She has also put out a book, as well as a DVD — I’m just so impressed at the idea of her doing all these things, and feel the need to get up off my own tush and do something, too.. she is an inspiration.

[youtube yREFkmrrYiw]

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