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KFC Spice Mix and KFC Coleslaw recipe

KFC Spice Mix 28g (1oz) White Pepper 28g (1oz) Black Pepper 14g (.5oz) Garlic Salt, (see recipe below) 7g (.25oz) Sage 7g (.25oz) Coriander 7g (.25oz) Ginger 7g (.25oz) Cayenne 3.5g (.125oz) Clove 3.5g (.125oz) Allspice 3.5g (.125oz) Savory* 1.8g … Continue reading

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Chicken and Wild Rice, with Onion and Orange Peppers

Weekends in my house are always for cooking.  And I enjoy making food on Saturday, but Sunday meals are always so much fun to make as I get to cook with Sander.  We decide at the end of the week … Continue reading

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Chicken & Black Bean Burritos

This recipe is one of those incredibly quick meals to make.  It’s about 5 minutes of prep, about 10 minutes of cooking, and then it’s serve and eat.  Can’t get much quicker than that, without resorting to ramen ;) Chicken … Continue reading

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Encrusted Chicken Cutlets with Mayo & Mustard

Sundays are such nice days to cook — I’m always well rested, and hungry, and even better, in the mood to cook. I had originally thought to get thin sliced pork culets, to make the following recipe.  But.. alas, as … Continue reading

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Stuffed Chicken Rolls with Basil and Roma Tomatoes

Gads… I just had a foodgasm.. And then another.. And then another.. And then another.. Until all the chicken rolls were gone.  And now I’m so full I can hardly move. Sander (DukeLupus) has been making these chicken rolls for … Continue reading

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Chicken Piccata

  The very first time I had Chicken Piccata, I was just amazed at how delicious it was.  The lemon was not over-powering, or over-acidic, and the butter added to the depth of flavor.  I have since had many versions … Continue reading

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