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Mexican Fried Tacos

As you must know by now, I grew up in Western Nebraska.   I grew up eating at Taco Town, Rosita’s and a few other Mexican restaurants that were around town.  In high school, we were able to leave the school … Continue reading

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The Best Sugar Cookies

This is my Grams recipe for sugar cookies — these melt in your mouth and are just wonderful.  I would not use these for icing/decorating style cookies – there are other recipes better suited for decorating — this contains too … Continue reading

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Coconut Macaroons, plus variations

These are just.. yummyness.  One of the girls in my office brought macaroons in last week.. premade/packaged things.  They were okay, but.. well… incredibly heavy and greasy.  They made me in the mood for the ones I make.   They are … Continue reading

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Original Runza Recipe (Cabbage Burgers, Cabbage Rolls or Bierocks)

Original recipe for cabbage burgers, cabbage rolls or runza. NOT a copycat of Runza at all. This is the original version our grandmothers made for their farmer family. Continue reading

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