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What the heck?!?

Food…What is it about food?  I’m either into it, and creating recipes like mad, or it’s Ritz Crackers and cheese or Shredded Wheat for dinner.   And I’m stuck in that rut of cereal for dinner, or the easiest meal … Continue reading

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A bit about Oatmeal

Not being much of a fan of oatmeal porridge, I never made it for my son.. not since he was an infant. However, over the last couple of years, he has really grown to like the “instant-flavored” packets that are … Continue reading

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Computer Lover Cooking Terms

1. ACCELERATOR: Microwave 2. ACCESS DENIED: Diet Time 3. ALT: As in “alt and pepper to taste” 4. ASCII: Callii Tech Support 5. AUTOEXEC.BAT: Cookies in your boss’ car 6. BACKSLASH: Do to piecrust before cooking 7. BACKUP: Leftovers 8. … Continue reading

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