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Happy Friday Food

This past Friday, being the end of the week, was rather an occasion – not a real-honest-to-goodness occasion, just a “Happy It’s Friday” type of occasion.   To that end, we went out for lunch.. ( I normally would try this at home and write about the recipe, but lacking the necessary ingredients, I decided just […]


Chicken Piccata

  The very first time I had Chicken Piccata, I was just amazed at how delicious it was.  The lemon was not over-powering, or over-acidic, and the butter added to the depth of flavor.  I have since had many versions of this recipe — some so acidic they were downright unpalatable, some with so much […]


Italian Sausage and Orzo Soup

I was in the mood for something /other/ than turkey tonight.  I’ve cooked a couple of turkeys over the past few weeks, and well, I’m just a bit tired of it ;) This recipe serves 6 easily, so I halved it for tonight’s dinner.  I also didn’t have any fresh parsley nor basil, so I […]