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Mexican Fried Tacos

As you must know by now, I grew up in Western Nebraska.   I grew up eating at Taco Town, Rosita’s and a few other Mexican restaurants that were around town.  In high school, we were able to leave the school … Continue reading

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The Fun Of Cooking

I write another blog — one that Sander and I just started, and our topic this week was about cooking, so I thought I would post my part of it here.  To read the full article, and Sanders part of … Continue reading

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Simple and Easy Mexican Rice

Rice is so easy to make.  Mexican rice.. not so easy.  I could never get it to taste the way it was supposed to.  I tried lots of different recipes over the years, and was really never successful with it. … Continue reading

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Chicken & Black Bean Burritos

This recipe is one of those incredibly quick meals to make.  It’s about 5 minutes of prep, about 10 minutes of cooking, and then it’s serve and eat.  Can’t get much quicker than that, without resorting to ramen ;) Chicken … Continue reading

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