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Lardy Lardy – Rendering Lard, the best fat

When I was growing up there was always either bacon fat or lard being used in some form or fashion. We also used “crisco”, but there was always a container of lard in the refrigerator. I have very strong memories of … Continue reading

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Jalapeno or Pepper Poppers – Low Carb

Low Carb Jalapeno Poppers for Keto, LCHF, Atkins. Continue reading

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Deep Fried Pork Chops – Low Carb

Low Carb/Keto Deep Fried Pork Chops.  I pan fried a few pork chops this afternoon for dinner.  I had one pork chop left over and decided to try deep frying it. My life has forever changed!!  WOW!  So amazing and … Continue reading

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Creamy Rutabaga & Cheese Puree (Low Carb)

Eating low carb for the past year or so, I’ve really not felt like writing here on my food blog.  I think I have had to come to terms with the fact that most of the yummy recipes I have … Continue reading

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Low Carb Pancakes, with Cream Cheese & Flax Meal

Made pancakes this morning. There are lots of recipes for low carb cream cheese/egg pancakes. They are great, but more like a crepe. I wanted a thicker pancake, so I experimented with using some flax meal. They came out great! … Continue reading

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Things I’ve Learned – Nutrition Information

These days, I need to know what the nutritional values of foods are.  I’ve found a ton of places online that show you the values – some with uber fancy graphical images, some with just the calories and fat amounts, … Continue reading

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